“Sneak a peek into old times”

Time keeps on moving at its own pace. No matter how hard we try, it keeps going and growing. So, all we can do
is, live every moment, capture the sweet ones and  take a sneak back to old times of life, whenever we like. There are a collection of so many good memories in our time box and mine is full of millions of such wonderful and happening events. The one among my most favorites I am sharing here.

brother sis fight

Pondering back on short whiles of life,
Realizing, I missed most of that time,
Spent watching wrestling with my brother,
Taking practice sessions on each other,
Hitting and jostling like mad,
Having a real mortal combat,
The only audience we had, our mother…
I wish to skip some moments
and go back to that time rather,
where my world was though, not so peaceful,
small, yet, very beautiful.


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