Shikha's Journal

“She knows she deserves better”

The life of women is an everyday challenge, everyday struggle. The scenario and situations might be a little bit different, but the condition of a women’s life is similar everywhere across the globe. “You do not belong here” is written specifically keeping in mind such situations and conditions in a voice of those who can not speak for themselves. 

“She knows she deserves better”

Because, being women I know how hard it is to live in this land, fully loaded with a society of chauvinist people. A place where patriarchy has prevailed for years and yet being followed by the mob is making a life of women not less than an everyday challenge. While we always talking about technology and modernization, an envisage of the developed nation but, the other hand having women getting denied of their individual rights, facing mockery, insult, and disrespect everywhere. It boggles my head, asking me the same question a million times, what are we really going on the right trail? Just having consideration of only a few members of society, where is this thought going to lead us? I did not find any answer which could satisfy my internal Inquisition about getting my dream come true of living in a place which actually belongs to me, belongs to every girl, belongs to every individual. Reading the same stories and same tragedies and still not having any endorsement of stringency to culminate the female dilemma, left me all broken into pieces and forced me articulate my pain in a small verse to express my agitation and abyss of grief for being in an arena which is not mine.

She knows she deserves better
Women are the blessings in disguise. They certainly deserve better and the best!

“I found myself, stranded with strangers

in a small piece of land,

when a sudden gust of wind

tottered my castle of sand,

a place, I believed

my home for years,

is no more mine

brought me, a pain with fears,

a feel of left all alone

filled my eyes, with a drop of tear,

When I realized oh girl

 “you do not belong here”

Because you deserve to be somewhere- better.


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