WE ALL HAVE EVERYDAY EASY AND HARD JOBS TO DO. HERE IS A LIST OF FEW, I GUESS EVERYONE HAS GONE THROUGH. its easy to make someone cry, its hard to make  someone laugh. easy to love someone, hard to get love from someone. easy to break a relation, hard to make and maintain a … Continue reading “EASY WAYS-HARD WAYS”


“Sneak a peek into old times”

Time keeps on moving at its own pace. No matter how hard we try, it keeps going and growing. So, all we can do is, live every moment, capture the sweet ones and  take a sneak back to old times of life, whenever we like. There are a collection of so many good memories in… Continue reading “Sneak a peek into old times”


“Life is just the way you see it”

you feel good, feel bad, enthusiastic, then sad, wishes, what you never had, ignores what you have and had, unsatisfying greed and intrigue, fostering your mental fatigue, pondering, life as dusky, you go reckless and pesky, forgetting, being happy and clear, blaming life, turning so unfair, remember the words for now and forever, if you… Continue reading “Life is just the way you see it”